SAT Changes and Reactions

The SAT has long been the most popular college placement exam, and in the spring of 2016, the test is getting a major facelift. The test is changing key components, such as the vocabulary and essay portions of the test , as well as adopting a new point-scale in an effort to more effectively tie high school classwork to the college entrance exam. These change will greatly effect future college students, and might have an effect on lower income families and future student workers, as many scholarships are tied to SAT scores.

After the changes were announced last week many Twitter users took to the web to discuss their opinions on some of the key changes.

Some of the comments were playful or sarcastic

some were optimistic about the future of the test

others were more critical about the nature of the changes

some Twitter users even expressed fear for the future generation of college students

some of the harshest criticism for the changes came from students and young adults

While the tone of the conversation seems to weigh in on the negative side, there are still those who believe the changes being made are improvements.

While others, perhaps begrudgingly, admit that the changes may still have little effect on college admission.



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